Marc Arnold's original 1993 Cobra runs mid 9's in the 1/4-mile. Lots of video, and big thanks to my family, Rick Anderson and Sam Furfaro.

Thanks for visiting my Cobra page

None of this would be possible without the support of my wife Kathy,
and three sons, Scott, Mike and Chris.

I would also like to thank my good friends Rick Anderson for tuning the car and Sam Furfaro for making several of the trick custom parts on the car.

I purchased my 1993 Cobra new in the Fall of 1993.

My passion is the 1/4-mile drag strip.

My Cobra has seen many different changes through the years but I have always chosen the natural aspirated route. During the fall of 1999 my stock shortblock Cobra made 312 hp at the rear wheels and ran 11.96 at 112mph. In 2001 I made the decision to take my Cobra off the street and build a track-only car. To see the various combos throughout the years, click here.

My current combo consists of a 359cid shortblock
with GRP aluminum rods, Cornett billet crank and Diamond gas ported
pistons. Compression is 14.3:1. Last time on a chassis dyno with with an Anderson
Hi-Rev hydraulic cam, power came in at 583 sae rwhp at 8,300 rpm.

Currently I am running a solid roller camshaft and G-Force GF5R clutchless 5-speed manual transmission with G-Force single disk adjustable clutch.

My best 1/4-mile time to date with the 359 combo at 2997 pounds has been a
9.43 @ 142.6 with a 1.38 60-ft. Best 1/8-mile time has been a 5.94 @ 116.2 with a 1.33 60-ft. Best mph so far has been 143.4, and best 60-ft has been 1.30.

See a dyno graph here



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