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Looks stock with the Cobra wheels
August '99

August '99

Doing a burnout at Gateway International
October '99

Leaving the line at Gateway International
October '99

Another shot at launch
October '99

Here's how I get to the track (45 miles one way)
October '99

My Cobra has run a best time of 12.25 seconds at 110.9 mph on 8.5" slicks with my current combo listed below and 11.96 seconds at 111.77 with cats removed.

The motor is finally back together after being torn down to the short block in quest of quicker times at the track. The Twisted Wedges have received an AFM Stage III porting, the intakes have been Extrude Hone Power Flowed, the valve train has been changed to stud-mounted rockers for higher (6500) rpm operation and the mandatory fuel system upgrades have been performed.

With the help of these additional mods, a Programmable Management System (PMS) from AFM, and the driving skill of Brian Meyer, my Cobra picked up 3 mph and the E.T. was reduced by 0.28 seconds it's first time to the track this year. My Cobra still retains all smog equipment and easily passes federal emissions.



  • Stock Short Block
  • TFS Twisted Wedge Heads - Anderson Ford Motorsport Stage III Ported
  • Ford Motorsport Roller Timing Set
  • Cobra Intake - Extrude Honed
  • Anderson Ford Motorsport N2 Camshaft
  • Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe
  • Edelbrock 75mm Throttle Body
  • Pro-M 77mm Shorty MAF Meter
  • March Street Alternator & Water Pump Pulleys
  • March Race Crank Pulley


  • 255 lph Fuel Pump
  • 30lb Injectors
  • Anderson Ford Motorsport Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


  • CraneHI-2000 Ignition Amplifier
  • Crane PS-91 Coil
  • Anderson Ford Motorsport Ignition Wires


  • Bassani 1 5/8" Equal Length Shorty Headers
  • Bassani High-Flow X-Pipe W/Cats
  • Dynomax 2 1/2" Ultraflow Cat-Back


  • Eibach Drag Launch Springs
  • AVO Adjustable Struts / Shocks
  • Anderson Ford Motorsport Subframe Connectors
  • HPM MegaBite Jr. Lower Control Arms


  • 4.30 Rear Gear Ratio
  • Moser 31-Spline Axles
  • Ford Motorsport 31-Spline Traction Lok
  • Hurst Billet Plus Shifter
  • Synthetics Throughout
  • Ford Motorsport Brass Radiator
  • 180 Degree Thermostat
  • Cyberdyne Oil Press/Water Temp/Fuel Press/Volt Gauges
  • PMS (Programmable Management System)

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